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This is City of Angels

Welcome to City of Angels RP

This is County of Angels

Red Dead Redemption and the makers of FiveM makes RedM. We will try to stay updated

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👋 Привет! (ʜᴇʟʟᴏ)


📌I'm going to make it quick and simple.

I'm Robain and i have over 3-4 Years of FiveM experience. been playing Fivem roughly every day.
I can help you with most of the FiveM related issues. I try my best and help this community to get back on his feet. and keep it like that.
If you ever encouter the following issues or questions feel free to message me on my Discord :

➥Issues with Fivem (Crashes/Bugs).

➥Questions about certain things ICT related.

➥FiveM Graphics mods.(Currently working on my own combined Graphic mod)

➥New to CoA? feel free to dm me!

➥No admins available and still stuck with a question? Send me a DM.

➥Other things i just can't mention due to limited space here.


👋 Прощай (Goodbye👋 )

Edited by Robain

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