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  1. Tara Dikov is a former model but after the "Incident" that happend awhile back ruined Tara's reputation she lost her modeling career after she has become a new women and not in a good way she acts in strange and non humanly ways she has become a what she calls a "Street Dancer" she often get comments on her deep voice however their are some rumour's say that its possible it's actually not real she best friends with Myleesha as they both became friends instanstly going on crazy adventures and getting into trouble you will often catch her at legion or VU most likely with Courtney,Selena or Myleesha she also has issues with flirting with any male that comes up to her or her going up to a man so if you see a local Tara in your neighbour well I don't really know what to tell you if you stand still maybe she won't notice your there so good lucking dealing with Tara Biiiitch
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