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  5. 👋 Привет! (ʜᴇʟʟᴏ) 📌I'm going to make it quick and simple. 💬💬💬 I'm Robain and i have over 3-4 Years of FiveM experience. been playing Fivem roughly every day. I can help you with most of the FiveM related issues. I try my best and help this community to get back on his feet. and keep it like that. If you ever encouter the following issues or questions feel free to message me on my Discord : Roboon#0001 ➥Issues with Fivem (Crashes/Bugs). ➥Questions about certain things ICT related. ➥FiveM Graphics mods.(Currently working on my own combined Graphic mod) ➥New to CoA? feel free to dm me! ➥No admins available and still stuck with a question? Send me a DM. ➥Other things i just can't mention due to limited space here. 👋 Прощай (Goodbye👋 )
  6. Tara Dikov is a former model but after the "Incident" that happend awhile back ruined Tara's reputation she lost her modeling career after she has become a new women and not in a good way she acts in strange and non humanly ways she has become a what she calls a "Street Dancer" she often get comments on her deep voice however their are some rumour's say that its possible it's actually not real she best friends with Myleesha as they both became friends instanstly going on crazy adventures and getting into trouble you will often catch her at legion or VU most likely with Courtney,Selena or Myleesha she also has issues with flirting with any male that comes up to her or her going up to a man so if you see a local Tara in your neighbour well I don't really know what to tell you if you stand still maybe she won't notice your there so good lucking dealing with Tara Biiiitch
  7. Lauren Sinclair; 21 years old, born July 9th. Lauren Sinclair was a single daughter born from Fiona Sinclair and Peter Sinclair. They’re both CEO’s of a large corporation in New York that Lauren was the heir to. Lauren was born in raised in Pennsylvania. Lauren’s parents worked a lot as she grew up, she spent 90% of her time at her mansion home being raised by a nanny then butler. Lauren is a genius and had a difficult time connecting with people her own age. She spent all of her time shut inside her home and was only around her butler. Lauren didn’t get to see the social side of life. When Lauren was 16 years old she had graduated early from her private school but something unfortunate happened. Her parents suspiciously died in a car accident while they were on a business trip in Los Angeles. The Will that her parents had wrote up had a serious error in it and all their assets were given to her Uncle leaving Lauren with nothing. Due to the suspicious manner of her parents death and the convenient error of their will, Lauren thinks her uncle had something to do with this. Stricken with anger and betrayal, Lauren moved to LA after obtaining a degree in Criminal Justice and joined the LAPD criminal investigation division. She’s the lead detective and is keeping a keen eye on her uncle who lives lavishly off her parents Will in the hills. Lauren is a very monotone person due to her lack of social interaction growing up. She’s blunt and unintentionally rude. She doesn’t express her feelings and has dry humor. She also likes dad jokes. Dealing with Lauren is like dealing with a brick, you won’t have an intellectual conversation with her and you’ll get a bland response.
  8. Hello, Thanks for taking interest in my characters bio, life and history. I hope you enjoy! P.S. I was too lazy to proof read this, I will do it later but im too tired now. Hope it is not too bad! Zin Valtos came to LA as an Entrepreneur hoping to make a name for himself, his goal was to create his own limo company and it would be called Zin Valtos Limo Services. In order to make this dream a reality, Zin Valtos worked full time as a Taxi driver and would do his best to ensure this clients were treated as if they were in a limo. The whole point of this was to get into the habit of hospitality as well as to hopefully get known for the best taxi service and one day use his connections to build his clientele. After early morning, long nights and running out of gas on the highway; his dream finally came true when a regular customer of his donated a fair amount of money to help kick start his business and because of this Zin Valtos started to see his dream coming into play. The next day after receiving this money, Zin Valtos bought his first stretch limo. It was long, very long, had all black interior made of the finest leather and rims so shiny you could use them as a mirror. It was everything Zin could ask for and the beginning of his journey. Over the next couple months Zin would advertise his business using social media platforms and eventually he would post advertisements with flyers he made himself. The flyers were amazing, they were bold, colorful and showed the limo in areas all around LA. Because of this pro-active approach towards advertising his business gained attention fast and it caught the attention of one man. This man had it all, money, cars, properties you name it and surprisingly he took an interest in Zin Valtos Limo Service. Unfortunately throughout the years the name of this man has slipped his mind but what he did for Zin Valtos Limo Services will never be forgotten. This man, current owner of Bahamma Mammas; one of the most popular night clubs in LA decide to partner with Zin Valtos Limo Services. During the proposal of this idea, Zin could not believe it that his business gained the attention of someone so recognized and important in the city. At first, he did not know what to do but, after thinking about it he finally made the call to join forces with this man and create a legacy. This partnership included a custom limo, guaranteed clients via the night club and a $100,000 dollar sign on bonus. This is unreal, this cant be happening though Zin but it was and it was happening fast. Throughout the coming weeks Zin Valtos Limo Services was driving more clients then ever before and getting invited to some of the biggest parties in LA, all the important people in the city were there; it was incredible!! Every person drove a very expensive car, Ferrari's, Mercedes, Aston Martin, Lamborghini; you name it, it was there. The houses were large, very large; so large in fact you could fit whole neighborhoods in them. Of course with parties like these not everyone is going to be friendly but what can you expect. For a while Zin Valtos Limo Service excelled and did very well thanks to the support of clients and local business however all good things have to come to an end. Eventually due to increased crime rates people did not have the money for a luxury service anymore as all there money went towards weapons for personal security, body guards and hospital bills. The streets were starting to get mean and the local authorities were having trouble keeping up. Zin Valtos realized that it was the end of Limo Service but not end of new beginnings. Realizing the strain the city was under, he decided to be pro-active and give back to the community that helped him. How you wonder? Simple, He went to school for medicine and eventually joined up with the local Paramedic team where he would help save the lives of people through the city. Doing this made him very happy inside, knowing he could give back to the community that helped him in so many ways. Zin would end up working his way through the ranks and eventually become the Deputy Direct for the LAFD, however due to personal issues and emotional conflicts he would not hold this position for long until later resigning. After getting time to collect his thoughts however, he decided he still wanted to help the city of LA and he chose to do this by joining the with LAPD. Although there were a lot of up and downs, he persevered and finally made it through the academy and became an official member of the LAPD. There are countless stories that could be told about his time in the LAPD but that would be for another time, currently he still remains with the force and the wonderful people in it, ensuring that the city remains safe and welcoming to all current and future residents.
  9. Peach Cobbler, 25 years old; born July 23. Peach Cobbler was born in a trailer home somewhere in Louisiana to a single mother. Her father is unknown as her mother used to be a prostitute and it’s 99.9% likely that their father was one of her moms clients. Her mother didn’t want to tell her daughter the truth so as The southern Christian woman that she is; Peach’s mom told Peach that her father was god himself and that Peach was a messiah, or the female counterpart of Jesus. Despite her mother being an ugly crackwhore and her father being some Unknown old ugly dude, peach came out beautiful. She’s a skinny freckled blonde girl with hazel eyes and a warm smile. At first glance she looks welcoming and warm hearted. But she’s actually a complete psychopath and is senile. She thinks she’s a messiah and has some kind of religious mission. Peach is an ignorant, manipulative, and just an overall idiot person. But she’s hot and she knows it. Peach moved to LA with the hopes that she’ll clean the corrupt people of LA and repent their sins; she still thinks she’s Jesus. But she actually became a reality TV star on a hit TV show called Sandy SHORE. (Hah get it.) She was on it for 4 seasons but got kicked off because someone found her saying something offensive on her twitter 6 years ago. She’s resorted to living life on the streets cruising around with her girls and seeking out men. She likes pies, casseroles, cops, and shooting things. She’s a southern dream. Peach just wants attention.
  10. DONATIONS: Donations are needed only to cover the forum and game costs. You can donate below, and contact an Admin. They will then contact a director or owner for confirmation, and your rewards will be recieved asap. Donations are final and non-refundable. Link: https://paypal.me/CoADono?locale.x=en_US Donation Level 1 $5.00 to $19.99 This will get you donor status on the forums, TS and discord. *** To get these ranks you NEED to provide your discord username in the NOTE: section when donating or contacting staff on discord. ------------------------------------------- ( Discord, Forum & TS rank ) ------------------------------------------- __________________________________________________________________________________________ Donation Level 2 $20.00 to $39.99 Gets you Donation level 1 perks as well as $50,000 in game. ------------------------------------------- ( Discord, Forum & TS rank, $50,000 IG) ------------------------------------------- __________________________________________________________________________________________ Donation Level 3 $40.00 to $54.99 Gets you Donation level 1 perks as well as $100,000 in game, and a custom phone number. ------------------------------------------- ( Discord, Forum & TS rank, one custom phone number, $100,000 IG) __________________________________________________________________________________________ Donation Level 4 $55.00 to $70.00 Gets you Donation level 1, 2, & 3 perks as well as a custom license plate ------------------------------------------- ( Discord, Forum & TS rank, $150,000 IG, one custom phone number, one custom license plate) ------------------------------------------- __________________________________________________________________________________________ Donation Level 5 $71.00 and over Gets you Donation level 1, 2 & 3 perks PLUS your very own private Teamspeak room. Also a house of choice (If suitable and available) OR $350,000 in game. ------------------------------------------- ( Discord, Forum & TS rank & channel, custom phone number, license plate, and either $350,000 IG or home of choice ) ------------------------------------------- All donations are non-refundable, you are NOT purchasing an item or service from us, your funds go directly to cover the costs of the servers monthly expenses. Perks are given to those who help support this community to show our gratitude. By following through with this contribution, you accept our terms of service and understand by no means are these transactions refundable. Any overage collected will be applied to the following months cost. To recieve in game and out of game perks message a CoA Director or Admin on discord.
  11. City of Angels Community Rules and Guidelines Hello and Welcome to the City of Angels Community! Here we will discuss our various rules, regulations and guidelines for our servers! First and foremost - FiveM is a social game, where every interaction you make affects the world, and players around you. As a heavy roleplay server, the requirements of each player to stay as true to their character is increased tenfold. As such you can be ensured immersion, where your story helps develop your character as well as those you interact with. Make use of the entire map with jobs and activities supported throughout. We don't restrict you to one area of the map. Tips and Tricks to having a fun and rewarding roleplay experience! - Roleplay is essentially improve! ● You will come across many different characters and scenarios where you will need to think on your feet! ● Say yes! First things first, Saying Yes does not mean to never tell a user "no." You need to be able to say no to a user. Instead, Saying Yes means acknowledging what the other person is trying to communicate to you. You may tell them "no," or "not now," or move your product in another direction, but our replies need to show off that we understood their sentiment, frustration, or specific need. ● There are no mistakes! Whatever you do / or say should be in character at all times. We’re here to create and move stories forward. Which leads us to this next part. ● Tell a story! Storytelling is probably the easiest rule to remember but the hardest one to do. The real magic of roleplay is when we see the players take totally random scenarios and somehow "make it work". If all these unrelated elements are going to come together then it's going to happen in the course of an interesting tale. So that's just what the players are going to try and do, tell us all a story . ● Roleplay is not about winning or losing. You may root for your character to win in a situation but it won’t always turn out that way. Roleplay is about both give and take. Sometimes you win, a lot of the times you lose, such is life. You should focus on making sure not only you are having fun, but any and all other parties involved. It should be at the back of your head that this is another real person you’re interacting with. ● Never interrupt! If something is going on and you see that all parties are really engaged in the RP don’t forcefully interject yourself if your character would not normally do so themselves! Below are all of our rules! You will be expected to follow all of these rules, otherwise you will be subject to punishment: 1. Community Respect This is the first and most important rule, as most (if not all) other rules fall under this one. You should be respectful to other players and administrators. You should always keep in mind that whatever you do in-game, it should not infringe on others' capacity to enjoy the game. Do Not: ● Use Racist/Homophobic/Derogatory/Overly Sexual remarks in, or out, of character. ● Repeatedly send someone angry or offensive out-of-character messages because of an in-character subject or event. ● Deliberately argue with an administrator because you disagree with an administrative ruling 2. Deathmatching Killing another player's character for little or no in-character reason is strictly forbidden. Deliberately attempting to incite a fight with little to no reason is likewise not allowed. Do Not: ● Stroll up to another player and start insulting them in-character with the sole intention of escalating the situation to a fight. ● Shoot or punch a random player to death with no justifiable in-character reason. ● Use a vehicle to plow through a group of people with no justifiable in-character reason. 3. Revenge Killing You are not allowed to seek out and/or kill anyone involved with your character's death. When you are killed, your character loses all memory leading up to and including their death unless they were rescued by paramedics. This may involve no longer knowing or recognizing your killer(s) after dying. You must also do your absolute best to avoid the player(s) who killed you for at least 2 hours, and definitely not kill them, provoke them, or otherwise engage them in any role play situation. Do Not: ● Track down the individual(s) responsible for your character's death (you lost memory of the situation). ● Utilize your gang affiliation or motives as a means to enact revenge on your killer(s). ● Have one of your friends or associates track down your killer(s) and take revenge on them. 4. Powergaming No more than 3 people are to rob an store or kidnap a player. No more than 5 (including the hostage) are allowed to conduct a bank robbery or heist. Gangs / Groups while committing crimes are to be down-scaled due to limited server slots, and balancing between criminals, civilians, cops and EMS. This includes families, or groups of friends that can roam around at one time. This in place to not overwhelm any other members of the community whether that be Police / EMS / Civilian / Criminal. Gatherings / Parties are permitted but must announced and are not to be use for criminal activities, such as kidnappings and robberies. Only for recreational RP purposes. You are not to rob another store within an hour once a store robbery is completed. Other forms of powergaming include acting in ways that are physically impossible for your character, roleplaying retroactively. Players cannot solely use the in game mechanics to steal another player's vehicle whilst said vehicle is occupied. The situation must be role-played out between both parties. Do Not: ● Roleplay that you purchased a bomb from an NPC organization, and then use the “bomb” to destroy something. ● Use an NPC to call 911 if your character is incapable of doing so (location does not matter). ● Punch somebody in-character and then inform them through that they would be unconscious. ● Roleplay actions or instructions that you claim to have received from a NPC (kill, hurt or shoot someone, etc.) ● Roleplay having a weapon on you that you do not actually have script-wise. ● Role play that you hid an item / weapon somewhere when it is on your character (if it is on you, it is on you.) ● Search a vehicle inventory and role play seeing a weapon / item without role playing the search and location of the weapon / item. ● Throw a party for the sake of robbing or kidnapping or killing ● Kidnap Cops / EMS due to the vital role they play in everyone's rp, keeping the city flowing smoothly. 5. Metagaming Communicating information that your character does not know to others, sharing information via /me or /do that other characters would not feasibly be able to see or otherwise interpret, sharing out-of-character information through an in-character medium, or taking in-character action based on information gained from an out-of-character source are all classified as metagaming. Only authorized legal organizations are permitted to use TeamSpeak for in-character communication. Do Not: ● Use out-of-character communication (in any form) to summon a friend to help you elude the police or an attacker. ● Using emoticons, unnecessary apostrophes, or the erroneous pseudo-punctuation “-..” and its derivatives in in-character chats. ● Give special attention to a organization leader in an attempt to join their organization, unless you know of their status in-character. ● Use ANY out-of-character communications (TeamSpeak, Skype, Discord, etc.) to communicate in-character information to associates, friends or colleagues. ● Use emoticons or "smileys" in in-character chats. ● Use internet slang ("lol", "wtf", "lmfao", etc.) in in-character chats. 6. Offensive Roleplay You are not permitted to roleplay sexual acts, detailed acts of torture or dismemberment, cannibalism, or other extremely morbid activities without the express out-of-character consent of all participants. If you do end up getting permission, that permission can be withdrawn at any time. The roleplay must take place in private, far away from where any individuals who have not given their consent for this type of roleplay might innocently enter. Do Not: ● Perform offensive roleplay without first obtaining the consent of all parties involved. ● Continue offensive roleplay after a consenting party has withdrawn their consent. ● Perform any sexual roleplay or roleplay containing sexual innuendos in a public place. 7. Acknowledging Out of Character Chat Players have the right to ignore other players' out-of-character discussions if they wish, unless it is to ask why they were killed. However, players are not permitted to ignore administrators’ communication or rulings. Do Not: ● Engage in out-of-character communications with a administrator or administrators. ● Avoid answering a player who asks you why you killed them. ● Spam someone in order to avoid roleplaying with them simply because it doesn't fit your character's agenda. 8. Committing Crimes in Unrealistic Areas Committing any type of obvious crime in a conspicuous area (such as a bank, police station, hospital or any other obviously populated area) is forbidden. The following areas are considered unrealistic areas to commit a crime : Police / Sheriff stations, Fire Departments, Hospitals, Non-Robable banks Clothing stores, LS Customs, and Los Santos International Airport.. If someone has already committed a crime and the roleplay is taken to such an area, it may be acceptable. Do Not: ● Rob somebody standing in front of the bank, police station or hospital. ● Attempt to kidnap somebody in front or inside of a heavily populated area. 9. Administrator Instructions/Rulings Administrator instructions or rulings are final and nonnegotiable. If an administrator’s ruling seems to have been made in error, the dispute should be handled outside of the game via a staff complaint on the forum. 10. Unacceptable Character Names A player name must be unique and realistic. You may not use the name of a famous person in real life or from history, nor may you use the name of an easily recognizable or already existing character from any form of fiction. Do Not: ● Create a character named "Justin Bieber" because you want to roleplay a superstar. ● Use a name like "RabbitKiller44". 11. Exploiting Bugs You are not permitted to exploit bugs for personal gain. You are required to report a bug if you find one. Do Not: ● Abuse a bug that allows you to, essentially, spawn in money or gain any type of advantage that wasn't meant to be. 12. Interactions between your Characters Your personal characters cannot know each other from an in-character perspective. You are also not allowed to interact between the two characters – for example, transferring money or other assets between them (character to character or through a friend) – without prior administrator permission, or whatever is transferred will be deleted. If you want any items transferred, please post a request in our request section. Do Not: ● Log in to both of your characters on two different computers and transfer a vehicle, house, apartment or ANY asset. 13. Scamming and Robbery/Kidnapping You cannot rob more than $15,000 from a player. You cannot rob/ kidnap the same player within an hour if you or your gang have robbed/ kidnapped them. In the instance that you are robbing a player, you cannot kill that player unless they outright refuse to comply, provide resistance, or provoke you to inflict harm. ot kidnap a officer unless the officer gives you a justifiable reason for them to be kidnapped. 14. Account Access Your account is yours and yours alone. You are responsible if your account is used by another person, and by doing so, you link your identities in our records and may end up getting yourself banned for the other person’s actions as a result. You are likewise responsible if a friend or sibling logs on your computer and somehow gets you banned or otherwise punished. Additionally, you are not allowed to sell, transfer, lend, or share an account with anyone else for any reason, for any amount of time. Do Not: ● Let anyone else other than yourself use your in-game / UCP account or forum account. 15. Circumventing a Ban While you are banned from the game server, the Teamspeak server, the forums, etc., you are not allowed to register another account or use an alternate account until the ban period has expired. Otherwise, your other account may also be banned and your original ban extended. Do Not: ● Utilize a different account to access the platform(s) which you are banned from. ● Change your IP to circumvent a ban to any platform. 16. Suicide/Logging to avoid Roleplay You are not allowed to kill your character, log off or forcibly re-spawn to avoid situations. If you have to log off but you are in the middle of a roleplay situation, you will need to get permission from all parties involved before doing so. If you commit a crime, you must wait twenty minutes prior to logging off 17. Selling IC items OOC You cannot make out-of-character deals for in-character items. You cannot sell in-character items for out-of-character items. You cannot give away items for out-of-character reasons. This includes the attempted sale/solicitation of selling items. Do Not: ● Trade ANY in-character assets for any type of out-of-character item(s). 18. Abuse of Reports or Help You are not allowed to use reports or help resources for anything other than server-related concerns or questions. Do Not: ● Make (spam) continuous and recurring reports through /helpme or /report. ● Ask non-relative questions in /helpme or /report. 19. Exploiting Scripts & GTA V Mechanics Knowingly exploiting the script and/or the GTA V engine in order to gain an advantage is not allowed. This includes abusing the physics of GTA V in order to do unrealistic things. Do Not: ● Wheelie towards an object to fling your vehicle into the air. ● Use GTA V mechanics to drive your vehicle straight up a cliff where it would be realistically impossible. ● Chain rob stores within an hour of your last robbery. 20. Unacceptable Roleplay Roleplaying as terrorists, separatists, intelligence agency members, private military, federal or foreign government employees, or similar avenues of roleplay (individually or in organizations) that would require entities such as the state or federal government to intercede are explicitly forbidden, since those entities are not generally present in the server. Do Not: ● Declare a portion of the map an independent country, prompting an unending conflict with police. ● Create an elite clandestine spy organization. ● Roleplay as a federal agent and demand recognition by local police 21. Failure to Roleplay / Unrealistic Roleplay Failing to roleplay is strictly forbidden. City of Angels is a roleplay server; you're expected to be roleplaying at all times. If a situation presents itself where rules are broken, roleplay first, report later. Abusing in game physics or mechanics to gain an edge over another player will result in punishment. Once a kidnap situation has been initiated then the kidnappers must make contact with the police department and initiate a full roleplay scenario. Do Not: ● Continuously talk in out-of-character chat while another player is trying to roleplay with you. ● Roll your vehicle in a pursuit and then use in game mechanics to flip it on its roof and continue driving. ● Stop roleplaying and complain in OOC chat because a rule was broken during the roleplay. ● Failure to complete roleplay during the death screen, accepting death prior to completion of the roleplay scenario. ● Attempt to take Hostages with 3 or less cops on duty 22. New life rule If you’re in a roleplay scenario where you go into a coma and/or have to be “life flighted”(Respawn at hospital) out, at that point since you’ve gone into a coma, your character will forget any and all memories from the past 20 minutes of your RP. That includes the entire scenario of who and why you were killed. This also applies to anyone who has killed a player in an RP scenario. Once they have been “life flighted” to a hospital you are to not provoke or attempt to harm that character again for at least 2-3 hours. If you are picked up by EMS on scene our NLR does not apply, but to try and keep RP civil, it is recommended to avoid violence as best at possible. True deaths of characters are to be mutually agreed on prior to the roleplay scenarios, in an out of game manner. Do Not: ● Go back to the scene or scenario you have just been lifted from ● Provoke / Harm / Kill the same character you’ve just attempted to kill ● Attempt to kill off another player's character without their consent prior to 23. Lying to a Staff Member Do not lie to a staff member about anything related to LAPD, EMS, or members of the server. This includes in-game matters, the forum, Discord, TeamSpeak, or any other entity relating to CoA. Do Not: ● Lie in a report or ticket regarding your vehicle, assets, weapons, ammo, drugs, or any other item that you can obtain in game ● Attempt to mislead a staff member by creating a fallacy simply to gain an advantage or abuse OOC mediums such as vehicle teleports or asset refunds. ● Falsify videos, screenshots, recordings or other pieces of evidence in refund requests, player complaints, staff complaints, or any other OOC reporting method. 24. Inappropriate Clothing Combinations Do not use inappropriate/un-realistic clothing combinations whilst using the freemode skins. Any clothing combinations that fall under this rule will be removed. 25. AFKing/Paycheck Farming ● Do not AFK on the server for any longer than 10 minutes. 26. Role Playing a Character Under the Age of 16 ● Do not roleplay a character under the age of 16 years old. 27. Illegal Vehicles Unless allowed by staff for a certain rp, civilians cannot not use the following vehicles. All planes/ All Helicopters/ All military vehicles/ Cars with mounted guns / Armored vehicles are prohibited. 28. Cop / EMS baiting This also ties in with the next rule very much so. Do not interrupt an ongoing roleplay scenario, especially when it comes to police / paramedics. You would not follow, or purposely get police to come arrest you purely for the sake of your curiosity or a certain roleplay you want to experience. You would purposely injure yourself just to have paramedics come and help you. With our value of life rule, you must understand that consequences that come with attempting to be involved with the police / ems constantly. ● Do not call police for any scenario where you would not need the police ● Do not call paramedics for something minor. EX: headaches / tummy aches ● Do not call the police / ems and bait them into a scenario where you or any other characters end up rob / kidnap / killing them for the sake of robbing / kidnapping /killing. 29. Value of life rule ( Lenient on public but is still to be followed / Extremely strict on whitelist ) The Value of life is a value used to quantify the benefit of avoiding a fatality. Regardless of your role within the community (police officer, civilian, hardened criminal, etc) the value of your own and other individual’s lives applies. This rule is implemented to ensure that there is a “realistic environment” for all citizens and consequences for those that don’t wish to participate in said environment. Although all characters may differ to certain degrees, individuals must accept that in real-life even the most hardened of criminals don’t consistently kidnap folk or hold them at gunpoint (shoot) on an hourly/daily basis. As well, civilians don’t casually drive 110 MPH through highly populated areas - nor do they instigate situations which could potentially lead to dangerous scenarios. These are simply a few of many examples, Valuing your life is being able to recognize a situation and translate as to whether or not that situation is something that you (your character) would actually be partaking in, and whether your character would actually be willing to suffer the consequences of the actions that they make. This doesn’t only apply to your character, but to how your character values the lives of others as well (repercussions of shooting someone deters the value of your own life). Consider this when making drastic decisions or being under the assumption that you’re invincible. Green-zones: (Places where crime cannot take place) Garages Police Stations Hospitals Clothing Stores Banks (unless being robbed) ~Committing crime in these areas can potentially result in a kick/ban from the server~ ---- Rules, their caveats, punishment times or other related factors are subject to change at any time. New rules, additions or modifications to current rules may be a result of abnormal situations.
  12. Gang Ruleset Managers for gangs, are going to take requests for a gang to be started, moderators are going to moderate gangs to make sure they're RP'ing and not breaking any rules. Gangs would be set up this way. You'd have to choose the category of your gang: Street Gang (Grove as an example), Mafia, Civilian Business, Mexican (Ballas for example), and a motorcycle club. Once you've chosen your gang category, you need a name, and the location of where you want to RP your gang. (Grove as an example once more), then you'll need to set up your gang ranks. R1-R5. R1 being the "Leader" and R2 being the "Co-Leader" anything under that you can name yourself. You then need to write about why you want to have a gang, what’s your intentions of it, how you will RP. Once you submit your application for a gang, Gang Managers will go ahead and accept or deny your application for their reasons. If it was accepted, your gang is now created, however you must follow the gang rules. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Basic Rules: ● Gangs must roleplay the fear correctly. Criminal/Gang characters understanding the Value of Life and that character development is a necessity (whitelist) as we’re ultimately looking to build and progress on interaction and storylines between characters. This includes reformation through prison sentences (at the very least, the visage of rehabilitation when participating within the community and not ‘underground’) ● Members of participating gangs need to remember that there characters are individuals as well and must partake in civilian-esque RP with characters outside of the gang. ● Gangs must do research on their roleplay beforehand, sticking to realistic stereotypes rather than unrealistic ''movie antics''. An example would be like, you wouldn't see a street gang gearing up to rob a bank as it's easier for them to hit something little like a 24/7 as they'll be out gunned to rob a bank and wouldn't get really far. ● When gangs have shootouts with each other, the enemy gang cannot rob the injured parties. Realistically you would attempt to run. (Unless it was a robable item that started the conflict). ● When a gang has robbed a store there is a cooldown of 2 hours before robbing another one, this is to stop gangs from going around the city and robbing everything in sight. ● Shootouts are to be roleplayed correctly. No more movie style shootouts where two gangs sit there firing and chasing after each other for 15 minutes. Realistically you fire on the other gang then get out of there. Similar to a driveby. Shootouts also cannot happen in high traffic areas, such as the park or hospitals. They should be in opposing gang's hoods or territories.Exceptions where you can shoot for longer is if it is in your territory, or where two large gangs are already together and begin to shoot out. However, gangs are to start running as soon as they can. We also recommend with lower tier gangs, that shootouts are completely avoided, using brawls or perhaps the occasional driveby shooting are used. Gang Relations: ● When alliances are made, gangs must have roleplay reasons behind it. (Supplying of drugs, weapons, and such.) ● When gang conflicts are made, there must be roleplayed reasons behind it. (Turf expansion, conflict between members) ● Teaming against government is not allowed, for gangs. Unless the government, instigates the conflict between the two. ● When you have been attacked by another gang, you cannot retaliate for another hour. (Members who have died, can assist in retaliating.) ● Gang Members should not have the same last name unless it is for RP reasons. IE: Family Member, Significant Other. Drive By Rules: ● You are not allowed to drive-by against a group of LEO officers under ANY circumstances. However, if there is a legit roleplay to perform a drive by on ONE LEO it can be performed but the reason has to be good and if the reason is poor the the drive by system may be removed from your gang. (Ask a Gang Moderator if you are unsure if your reason is good enough.) ● You cannot use the drive-by feature around the greenzone areas. (Hospitals,Parks,NYPD HQ, or any area with an icon on the map.) ● All drive-bys must be roleplayed, otherwise the feature will be disabled for your entire family.If you break any of the rules, you will be demoted and the permission will be revoked for the entire family. ● In order to perform a drive by, the gang members must be either rank 3 or higher to perform it. Unofficial Gangs: ● Unofficial criminal groups (no more than 4 members) must abide by the gang rules. Failing to do this will result in the group being disbanded, and potentially the leading members banned. If it is not active, then their group may be disbanded by a Gang Moderator. This is to keep a small bit of order within the groups, and make sure everyone's having a fair experience within the server. Cool Down Period: ● After leaving a government job, if you would then like to join a gang you must wait a minimum of two days. The same goes for leaving a gang and then heading to a government faction, you must still wait two days before joining. ● If you are removed from a government you MUST wait one week before joining a family. Throughout these days, you are to roleplay as a civilian and not get into any criminal type activities. Only the Gang Moderation Team can give you approval to skip the waiting period. Do Not: ● Roleplay that you purchased a bomb from an NPC organization, and then use the “bomb” to destroy something. ● Use an NPC to call 911 if your character is incapable of doing so (location does not matter). ● Punch somebody in-character and then inform them through /do or /me that they would be unconscious. ● Roleplay actions or instructions that you claim to have received from a NPC (kill, hurt or shoot someone, etc.) ● Roleplay having a weapon on you that you do not actually have script-wise. ● Role play that you hid an item / weapon somewhere when it is on your character (if it is on you, it is on you.) ● Search a vehicle inventory and role play seeing a weapon / item without role playing the search and location of the weapon / item. ● Withdraw a weapon larger than a sawn-off shotgun without first using a suitable /me. ● Travel in a group for 7 people robbing or kidnapping people. ● Throw a party for the sake of robbing or kidnapping or killing
  13. Guide to City of Angels Roleplay Entering the city When you first enter the city, the first thing you must do is create a character. Here are a few tips that will help you when deciding your first character: Select a nice suitable name. Choose something you like and that you will stick around by. This is the name that will appear to all the people you meet around the city. Your appearance, such as the face, complexion, etc can not be changed after you register the character. Clothes, hairstyle and other facial features can be changed at a clothes store / barber shop. Choose a job from the employment center, which is the place where you spawn when you first enter the city. There are a variety of jobs and you don’t have to pick one that makes more money over another. Pick one that appeals to you the most. Common commands There are many text commands available to use. Please note, that our server does not allow misuse of the text chat, so be careful (especially if you are new) when using certain commands. /t (Tweet) - This command is for “talking” with other players. It acts almost as real twitter. Please do not use this to have a full on conversation with other players, but more for asking for player’s numbers, location, etc. /me - This command is used to RP your character performing an action. A lot of actions are not available via an animation, etc so use this instead. For example: /me takes a look at the car’s engine, evaluating the damage. /report - This command is used to report players or bugs in the game. If you are reporting a player, please include their IDs and if you are reporting a bug, include a location. Be as descriptive as you can when entering your message. Do not spam this command. /e list - This brings up a list of emotes you can use by typing "/e", and the command title. Press Z or re-enter your command to cancel. Common hotkeys The server currently has a lot of hotkeys available to use, in order to make your life easier to access menus and others. General: E - Main Interaction key F5 - Cellphone F - Enter Vehicle U -Turn Engine On L - Puts On/Off Seatbelt Left click - Punch/Fight R/Right Click - Aim/Lock on target F1 - Voice Distance(Whisper/Normal/Shout) K - Inventory(Animations/Settings/Vehicle) Y - Inventory(Drag/Drop/Give Items In Inventory) Z - Players List Movement: Shift - Run Space - Jump X - Put hands Up Ctrl/Stealth - Crouch C - Look Behind(On Foot) W - Move Forward S - Move Back A - Move Left D - Move Right Vehicle(Car/Boat/Bike): ~ - Lock/ Unlock Car E - Horn H - Headlights R - Cinematic View(Camera Angles) Q - Change Radio Station/Turn Off Radio Left Click - Shoot Out Of Vehicle Window Right Click - Middle Finger/Aim Weapon Out Of Vehicle Window W - Accelerate S - Brake A - Steer Left D - Steer Right Left Arrow - On/Off Left Blinker Right Arrow - On/Off Right Blinker Left Arrow + Right Arrow - Emergency Lights L - Anchor Boat Parachute: F - Open/Detach Parachute(After Using One) Weapons: TAB - Weapon Wheel 2 - Melee 3 - Shotguns 4 - Heavy Weapons 5 - Special Weapons 6 - Pistols 7 - SMGs 8 - Assault Rifles Notes For New Comers: -Their is a certain speed limit(40 for driver, 100mph for passenger) while driving where you can/cannot aim/shoot your weapon out of your car window. -If you have a pistol equipped while using a parachute it will fail to deploy correctly. ALT - This is the menu that will access most of the jobs. Use this to enter the job menu where you will have different actions to choose from. Common FAQs Help! My player is stuck on the floor and is not moving. What should I do? Hold down SHIFT on your keyboard and scroll up and/or down using your mouse. Should get you back up! How am I able to change my voice range? Press F1 and you can scroll through your voice modes. You can see this at the bottom left of your screen. I have been a victim of RDM/VDM. Where are the admins? If you have experienced anyone breaking any of the rules, report it with a supportcase or simply join TeamSpeak. How do I apply for a whitelisted job? Whitelisted jobs, such as Police Officer, Medic and etc hire through applications only. If you would like to apply to any whitelisted job, visit the discord page and check out the #whitelist-jobs-applications tab where all the links are. Why can’t I buy a car? You can only buy custom cars off car dealers, hence all GTA cars are in the normal dealership and custom cars are not. Not to worry! There are often dealers on duty! Where do I go for my job? If you open the map (press P) then you can see all of the locations available. Search for your job marker and set a waypoint to it. Most of the time, it is named after your job and it will have more than 1 point. For example, if you are a butcher, you may see the waypoint “Delivery Point” and “Slaughter house”. How do I do illegal jobs? If you wish to begin an illegal job, then you need to find the right people. Search around the city and ask different players if they know any people who deal with illegalities. There is no set job for illegal activity, hence why you need to know who does what before starting. Sometimes it’s as easy as saying “Anyone selling drugs?” Where can I use dirty money? Dirty money is obtained by selling drugs. You can use dirty money in the black market, to get better weapons that you can’t find in the normal weapon store, or you can clean the dirty cash for clean cash. Only selective players know the money laundering location, so you need to find someone that will clean it for you or search around the city until you find the spot. Someone gave me a large amount of cash. Can I use it? Most of the time, if a player gives you large sums of cash, it is modded. Make sure you report this to an admin as if your total balance spikes, the system will flag it up and you can risk getting banned. Better being safe than sorry. Speed limits The City / Paleto Bay / Sandy Shores - 45 MP/H Highway / Freeway - 75 MP/H Links All of the links can be found within one document. If you are not already on the discord, then please join as it is the current spot where we store all of our information for the server. Click here for forum link Click here to join the discord Properties Properties in City of Angels Roleplay can be acquired through the Real Estate Agency. Prices are listed in the server links, and you can also ask in-game when you get to the Real Estate, or simply just find one on the map. Properties within the server offer a personal storage area which allows you to hold all items. This is exclusive to you only and no one can access it unless you invite them into your home. Garage system There are three different types of garages. Default garages are free with 3 slots and are all separate. You can choose to upgrade them at any time to a maximum of 5 cars. There are personal garages that can be purchased and some of them hold up to 32 slots. Alot of properties also have garages that comes with the house. Weapon Shops, Licenses & Black Market The weapon shops can be found on your map by the gun icon. To buy a gun license you need to talk to a police officer of the correct rank. ( The black market is in a secret location that players must find in order to purchase the better weapons. These weapons can only be purchased with dirty money and can be stored in your personal storage within your home. Please note that if you are found with illegal weapons, the police may arrest you and you can also face charges.
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